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The Sponge Club is a fun junior library membership for kids aged 5-12 years old.

The Sponge Club website is the place to go for information about special events for kids, links to author websites and heaps of other fun stuff.


Homework Help

Photo of study materials

If you need help with your homework or you're having trouble finding what you need on the internet, we can help.  Come into the library and we can show you where to find the book you need or if the information you're after is quite involved you can Ask A Librarian.

Online Resources
If you like to do your research online, take a look at one of these reliable online resources for kids.

World Book
@ library | @ home

World Book ebooks

Encylopedia Britannica
@ library | @ home

Full list of online resources available 



If your homework is a little trickier and you need some one on one help from an expert, try our free online tutoring which you can use from home or the library Monday to Friday 3 - 10pm during school terms.  You'll be connected to an expert tutor who can help with maths, science, english, assignment research or study skills.

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