September 2017

Fairfield Library

fairfield display cases
Copper plate prints by Beth Croce 2017

Conversations on the Creek

Artist Statement

Like many people, I’d accepted the single use plastic shopping bags as an everyday part of life, but did you know they’ve only been in use in Australia for the past 30 years? That over 10 million new bags are used in this country every single day and a huge number of these end up in waterways like the Merri and Darebin Creeks and the Yarra River? That these bags and other plastic pollution are taking a staggering toll on our wildlife—and the problem is growing?

Changeable, human-caused wildlife issues are a recurrent theme in my artwork. I believe most people are well-meaning and hope that my work helps to bring to mind environmental challenges that our society faces, that each of us makes a difference. In the case of the It’s Raining Plastic print (and soon to be painted public mural), the work links directly to a local movement to get Fairfield to join Northern Territory, Tasmania, ACT, South Australia and (next year) Western Australia in banning one of the most prolific of plastic pollution offenders, the plastic shopping bag. A portion of the sales of the Tangled and It’s Raining Plastic prints will be donated to the Friends of the Merri Creek organisation, a very active group working in education, advocacy and rehabilitation of the Creek environment.

You can sign a petition to Fairfield Village Traders to ban single-use plastic carry bags at And please, be mindful of your own plastic use and disposal.

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Northcote Library

the Bridge Art Class 2017

Visit Northcote Library this month to see the wonderful art exhibition by the students of the Bridge Preston's Painting and Drawing class.

The Bridge has a 35 year history in community development and education - providing a welcoming and supportive learning environment.

They offer a diverse range of programs in adult education, children's services, social activities and support services. Art and Craft classes include Knitting, Sewing, Pottery and Painting and Drawing.


the Bridge Preston 

03 9484 5806