May 2017

Fairfield Library

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Northcote Library

conrad clark

Plaza Resting.
For most of the day Northcote plaza serves as most shopping centres do, giving people a point in which to collect things essential for fighting though the days, weeks and months.
This series of images translates the feeling of sleep.
A state that most people never witness the plaza in. While we ourselves are in bed or only just coming to the realisation that we soon must get moving, the plaza sits sighing heavily with the anticipation that it  will once again will be filled with people and movement. The stress only an hour or so away.

The plaza doesn't smile or frown but merely waits to be treated in a way it too used to. Whether that means being treated with care by the cleaning staff and shop keepers or being distorted by teenage foolery and desperate crimes.
This is the plaza waiting.
These photographs were taken between mid December '16 and early January '17 between the lonely hours of 5am and 6am.
These shots are not an attempt at giving the plaza a voice but more that it was never considered.
 Barry C. Douglas.

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