July 2017

Fairfield Library

A picture worth a thousand words

Asked to choose one aspect of their life that makes them happy and create a 'picture worth a thousand words', participants of Latrobe Lifeskills art class have joined together to create an inspiring and visually beautiful art exhibition.

The watercolour postcards display, on now at our Fairfield Library, is curated by Latrobe Lifeskills, a local organisation that has been providing support to people with disabilities since 1998.

The participants, each with various forms of intellectual disability, created portraits and small artworks of flowers as well as provided a short description of their piece; what the artwork is of and why they chose it.

For more information about this exhibition contact Indiana Avent, Latrobe Lifeskills i.avent@latrobe.edu.au


Latrobe Lifeskills Art Class July 2017

Northcote Library

Around the southern hemisphere in 80 seconds

View photographic works by Eveline Collins in her exhibition dedicated to landscapes and wildlife around the Southern Hemisphere.

Take the opportunity to explore somewhere around the world you have never been or revisit another world within ours. There are plenty of cute animals to admire and beautiful photographs.

To purchase a print contact Eveline Collins evcoltd@hotmail.com 

eveline collins
Eveline Collins - EvCo Petal Pics